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==+==Free Companion Ceremony==+==

We Welcome you to this Ceremony in the true spirit of Happiness.

The Joining of "The Slaver" and "The Wench" in Free Companionship takes place this 20th day of Amumba in the year 10,154 CA..earthdate: November 5th...11pm est.

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We hope you will roleplay and not bring your drama to this Ceremony. If you insist on Drama you WILL be arrested and placed on Ignore

Within the boundaries of his own being, in that bright realm, let him claim the supremacy which is his; it will remain vacant, unless he seize upon it. It is his; he may take it or not. All else is the night and darkness. Music he will make among the stones and silence. He will sing for his own ears; the justification is himself and the song. To what must he be true, if not himself? To what else should he be true? He is born a hunter. Let him not forget the taste of meat.

pg 258-259 Tribesmen of Gor

"Women, I suspected, even proud, beautiful, intelligent women like Elizabeth Cardwell, secretly wish their men to be strong, and upon occasion to prove it to them, commanding them as mere females, giving them no choice but to do precisely as he wishes."

Page 177 - Assasin of Gor

"I wanted to be many women to him, and yet the same, always Elinor. A man is a strange beast I think, for he both desires one woman and many women, and perhaps most he desires one woman who will be many women, others, delicious others, and yet always, too, herself."

Page 352 - Captive of Gor
This is a RolePlay Site and as such..we reserve the right to limit and Rule over any Roleplay herein ..
Temporarily NCZ/NKZ

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